Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society Collection of Free and Open Source Software for WINdows

LaunchyQt for Windows indexes the programs in your start menu so and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

Once LaunchyQt has been started, you can make it appear by holding down the Alt key and pressing the space bar. Next, just type a few letters of the program name you want to launch such as "filez" for Filezilla, "moz" for Mozilla Firefox or "thu" for Mozilla Thunderbird. As you type, LaunchyQt will display a selection of possible matches ; when the correct program is shown, press Enter to launch the program.

LaunchyQt has skins to customise its appearance and can index other folders so you can launch data files (such as documents, pictures or music files). Just right click on the Launchy bar to see these options.

LaunchyQt has built in Python support to develop plugins as well. Check out the LaunchyQt documentation for more details.