Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society Collection of Free and Open Source Software for WINdows

PathSync allows you to synchronize and/or backup data between two folders/directories. Data can be synchronized to/from

  • local folders on your hard drive
  • folders on a removable drive (such as an external hard disk or a USB flash drive) and folders on your hard drive.
  • networked Windows shares

PathSync analyzes two directories and shows the user a list of differences between the directories. The user can select what actions should occur (which files to overwrite, which to delete, which to ignore), and allow PathSync to synchronize. These settings can be saved for future use.

PathSync provides nifty statistics during the synchronization, so that the user is never wondering how much time is left, etc.

Some examples of how you can use PathSync :

  • copy folders in 'My Documents' to your removable drive (external hard drive or USB flash drive) to take home from work. The next day, the changes on the removable drive can be sync'd back to your work PC
  • copy folders in 'My Documents' to another computer on the network as a backup