Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society Collection of Free and Open Source Software for WINdows

PDF Split and Merge Basic Edition (PDFsam for short) consists of several modules/tools to manipulate PDF (Portable Document Format) files. PDFsam can:

  • split a PDF document by several ways (at predefined pages (after every page, or after every even or odd page) ; at specific page numbers or by every n number or pages)
  • merge entire or parts of multiple PDF documents into one PDF file
  • rotate entire or parts of PDF files - great for fixing scanned PDF pages from portrait to landscape or vice versa
  • extract pages from PDF files into separate PDF files - these could then be recombined in any order using the merge tool
  • merge two or more PDFs by taking pages alternately from each input file, in straight or reverse order. Useful when dealing with single sided scans of double sided documents)

PDFsam requires Java Runtime Environment 8 or above installed.